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Dare To Soar Program Modules 1-6

Hi, My name is Janet Grace Schier. Since I began in earnest on my personal path to financial independence in 2001, I have amassed a multi-million dollar property portfolio, earning me and my family a residual income. I began with $80K in equity and continue to use our equity to increase our earnings and fund our future. This is an exciting journey and I can’t wait to reveal to you the simple keys I have used over and over again.

I have called it “The Fund Your Future strategy”, DARING you all, as Eagle Entrepreneurs, to SOAR to your highest aspirations. Why did I choose the eagle to represent you, the individual? Because eagles fly higher and see farther and more clearly than all other creatures on Earth.


This program is not intended to be specific financial advice nor should it ever be viewed as such. It is designed to prompt you to gather together the correct information and do the right things necessary to properly seek out professional help with the legal, financial, accounting and tax planning aspects of your wealth creation program. That part is in the final module.

If it helps you to focus accurately on your goals and on your financial situation and on your plans to build or create a comfortable retirement then that’s great! If it assists you to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren then I will achieved a major goal… to help others achieve the success and prosperity they deserve and desire. I would like to help you, by showing you a way to fund your future and enable you to develop the resources to bless your family, your friends, your community and your personal passions. That is something that really matters to me.

The absolute joy of enabling and funding someone else’s future and aspirations brings incredible satisfaction.


Price: $495.00 inc. GST

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